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  • Kelley Howell
    Aug, 27 2019
    I really like Biggers Family Medicine. My primary, Brandi Rhody, is excellent! She listens and she's caring and compassionate. I never feel as if I'm on an assembly line being shoved through my 15 minutes. Likewise, I've met with Elizabeth Biggers when my primary was out of the office. Dr Biggers was wealth of helpful information.

    They also promptly answer questions and requests sent via their portal.

    Couple things: Early on, I felt the telephone presence of staff was a bit abrupt. Since I hadn't been treated yet, I considered switching to a different primary because I worried that this first impression was indicative of things to come. Fortunately, not. Since then, the staff have been kind and courteous.

    The waiting room is a bit cramped.
  • Robert Ginn
    Apr, 25 2019
    Allow me to begin by saying that I could not be more pleased with the care and concern of the entire staff. In semi-medical terms I would be listed as a "frequent flyer" never going more than two weeks at a time without having some serious reason to be seen. They have all become my family and I love each and every one of them. Recently my mom and my sister passed away two days apart from each other and I was devastated. When word of my loss reached their office, Dr. J sent two people from the staff to come to my home to be with me as I am a wheelchair dependent patient. In my entire life I have never know such kindness and compassion from ANY medical group without exception.

    They ARE and ALWAYS will be my family and I am always made to feel like part of theirs. I completely do NOT understand any negative posts on here. I think the negative posters need to examine their attitudes. If you meet a situation with a negative point of view, you can't expect anything other than feeling a negative response. As sick as I have been, I go in with an open mind, open heart and a smile, and it is met with professionalism, compassion and usually hugs from the staff. I dare anyone to find any other practice with those same qualities.
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